Keith Culliton's 100-Year Car Park

During my term on Stratford City Council you could always count on Councillor Keith Culliton to offer up an interesting opinion. And while more often than not that opinion garnered a chuckle from the audience, they also often stretched reality. Take this quote from the Stratford Beacon Herald:

As councillors began wading through grant requests, a tentative allocation of $3,000 for a Market Square project was one of the first items to come under fire.

"We've been parking cars there for the last 100 years. Let's keep parking there for the next 100 and forget about it," said Coun. Keith Culliton.

There's no doubt the debate to turn Market Square into a public space has gone on for some time, has jaded many and resulted in ridiculous claims on both sides, but I didn't know there were that many cars back in 1907.

But, then again, who am I to argue with the stretching of facts?

As Council's longest serving member, Keith was around back then. It’s just unfortunate his vision for the city and Market Square for both the past and future can be summed up in one-word – lame.