Food Starter

Toronto's food processing sector is the city's largest manufacturing sector and the second largest food hub in North America. However, the challenges facing early stage food companies face are many - from the high capital cost of food grade production space and manufacturing equipment, to the regulatory requirements to sell to large markets.

To address this Chris led a team to create a food production incubator called Food Starter. Food Starter is Ontario's first food incubator focused on baking, hot and cold fill and ethnic food products. Providing a 20,000 sq. ft. production facility, Food Starter features shared manufacturing equipment and space, training and mentorship focused on helping early stage food companies bring products to market.

Chris' role in the project included securing funding, managing the construction of the facility, developing a not-for-profit and board of directors, hiring staff and overseeing the launch of the facility and its programming.

From Concept to Commercialization: A Startup Eco-system Strategy for the City of Toronto

Working with his team, Chris led the development of the City of Toronto's Startup Eco-System Strategy.

The strategy sets forth an ambitious vision and strategic framework to enable the sustained growth of small businesses in Toronto, aiming to make Toronto’s startup eco-system the preferred global location to start and grow a business. The purpose of the strategy is to provide a five-year work plan for enhancing Toronto's startup eco-system.

From Concept to Commercialization: A Startup Eco-System Strategy for the City of Toronto is currently being implemented by Chris and his team.

To view the feasibility study visit here.

Client Relationship Management System Development and Deployment

Overseeing the City of Toronto's Small Business Centres, Chris led the development of a client relationship management system using Salesforce to better manage and track the 28,000 clients the City's three centres serve each year.

From developing the user requirements, selecting the technology, overseeing developers and completing some development himself, Chris led all aspects of modifying Salesforce for the use of 12 staff in the City's Small Business Centres.

Leading the deployment of the platform, Chris provided training to his staff and monitored results from the platform. One year after deployment, the savings in staff time were identified to be over $150,000 - while increasing the ability of staff to better engage, track and support entrepreneurs accessing City resources.